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Although we are in effect a living history group specialising in the Victorian era, we can also act as a casting agency for Victorian characters.


We recently provided up to 50 'Victorians' for ITV's Midsomer Murders, as well as a few other programes listed below.


We can contact and co-ordinate our members and act as a single point of contact, making producers work a little easier.


We are available for Film, TV, and other media such as photoshoots.


We have a number of people from all classes and ages etc. all with their own costumes, and can now say with acting experience! Some of our members are also Horse trained.


Whilst we have a number of ladies who can do and have very good Queen Victoria costumes we are now able to provide a Prince Edward, Prince of Wales, King Edward 7th and for the World War 1 productions, King George 5th in scarlet dress uniform!


Highly credited by the Midsomer Directors and production team.


Have a look through our website at some of our costumes etc. and let us know you requirements.


We have links with various other Victorian re-enactment / living history groups so if you don't see what you are looking for, we may still be able to help.


Our rates are negotiable but based on equity rates as a starting point.


Our Filmography

Universal Pictures - Les Miserables 2012 - Linda in charge of the workhouse!

ITV - Tennents Larger Commercial 2011 Rattling Stick

National Geographic - Jack the Ripper The German suspect 2010 ITN Productions.

Channel 5 - Jack the Ripper The Definative Story 2010 Bullseye Lanterns Productions.

BBC1 - Crimewatch 2010 BBC

ITV - Midsomer Murders, The Noble Art - Most of us and more. 2010 Bentley Productions.

Photoshoot for the 2012 Olympics. 2009

BBC - Horrible Histories - Ray, Phil, Diane & Maurean. 2009 Lion Television.

ITV - Mathew Kelly's Forensic Casebook - Phil as Dr Crippen. 2008 ITV Studios.


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