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Uniform of Colonel 1st Royal Devonshire Volunteers 1854,

This uniform is the typical Hussar Officers Home service dress uniform of the period, however unlike normal Hussars the 1st Royal Devonshire Volunteers wore scarlet tunics.

Not much appears to be recorded about their uniforms, as Volunteer units were pretty much allowed to wear what ever uniform their Colonel wanted (as he was usually the person who brought the uniforms).

This tunic was brought as new, recently from a punk and gothic fashion shop in Camden, London. It is their latest fashion. The only modifications that I needed to do was around the collar, and replace the buttons.

All cavalry units wore trousers with wide stripes, and so I have used some from one of my other uniforms.

The busby is made from synthetic fur over a stiffened hessian core, with a feather duster plume.

I have reused my lancer pouch belt as the original would have been very similar.

The sword belt is an original. I brought it as a Royal Engineer belt although RE belts have only two gold bands.

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