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Please note that the images in these galleries show 'The Victorian Strollers' as well as other people who are in no way associated with our group, at events where other people and groups also attend in Victorian attire. To identify which of these are members of our group please refer to our Group members page.

  Bletchley Park  1st June 2008

To celebrate Ian Flemming's 100th Birthday (007 James Bond's creator) and the 40th aniversary of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (created by him if you didn't know), Bletchley Park hosted the original car (one of 5 produced for the film but the only one licenced GEN 11 with the DVLA and fully roadworthy). We were invited to give the event a little more period atmosphere and had a throughly great day, as well as the oportunity to sit in the car for photographs. .

Were you there? We would love to have a copy of your pictures for displaying here.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

For more details about the car visit The website of the owner of the original car.

The pictures that were below have been removed because the grumpy old sour pusses at Milton Keynes News, whist happy to make money from selling pictures of us without our consent, do not want us displaying or advertising them.

Whilst I ask you to go and look at the pictures at website Milton Keynes Citizen  gallery 29thMay-9th June page 3-5  I would ask that you DO NOT buy any copies of them!


   Rochester Dickens Festival June 2008

I am told that once again The Victorian Strollers were quite victorious with regards the various competitions during this years festivale. Well done for those who entered.

Pictures from Louise:

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Pictures sent by Jim.:

Mike gets 2nd Place in Best Dickens Character as Mr Bumbles. Maureen as bathing belle!

 Broadstairs Dickens Festival June 2008

Pictures sent in by TC. Glad to see him back on 'both' feet!

 Hyde Park London June 2008

"The interventions of memory location of the original Crystal Palace at Hyde Park"  The pictures were taken in front of the original gates of the Crystal Palace which are now located at the entrance to Kensington Gardens opposite Hyde Park and the other picture was in front of the Albert Memorial which is in Kensington Gardens.

 Ilfracombe Victorian week June 2008

Pictures taken by Diane and Maureen.














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