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Please note that the images in these galleries show 'The Victorian Strollers' as well as other people who are in no way associated with our group, at events where other people and groups also attend in Victorian attire. To identify which of these are members of our group please refer to our Group members page.

Portsmouth Festival of Christmas 2008

Taken with A rather poor digital camera unfortunately:

Village Xmas lights switch on at Snettisham Norfolk 2008

Rochester Christmas Dickens Festival 2008

Peterborough Show ground 2008

Costermongers Harvest Festival Guildhall London 2008

2008_costers 001.jpg

2008_costers 003.jpg

2008_costers 004.jpg

2008_costers 001

2008_costers 003

2008_costers 004

2008_costers 006.jpg

2008_costers 007.jpg

2008_costers 008.jpg

2008_costers 006

2008_costers 007

2008_costers 008

2008_costers 009.jpg

2008_costers 010.jpg

2008_costers 011.jpg

2008_costers 009

2008_costers 010

2008_costers 011

2008_costers 012.jpg

2008_costers 013.jpg

2008_costers 014.jpg

2008_costers 012

2008_costers 013

2008_costers 014

2008_costers 016.jpg

2008_costers 017.jpg

2008_costers 018.jpg

2008_costers 016

2008_costers 017

2008_costers 018

2008_costers 020.jpg

2008_costers 021.jpg

2008_costers 022.jpg

2008_costers 020

2008_costers 021

2008_costers 022

2008_costers 024.jpg

2008_costers 026.jpg

2008_costers 027.jpg

2008_costers 024

2008_costers 026

2008_costers 027

2008_costers 028.jpg

2008_costers 029.jpg

2008_costers 031.jpg

2008_costers 028

2008_costers 029

2008_costers 031

2008_costers 032.jpg

2008_costers 034.jpg

2008_costers 036.jpg

2008_costers 032

2008_costers 034

2008_costers 036

2008_costers 037.jpg

2008_costers 038.jpg

2008_costers 039.jpg

2008_costers 037

2008_costers 038

2008_costers 039

2008_costers 040.jpg

2008_costers 042.jpg

2008_costers 043.jpg

2008_costers 040

2008_costers 042

2008_costers 043

2008_costers 044.jpg

2008_costers 045.jpg

2008_costers 046.jpg

2008_costers 044

2008_costers 045

2008_costers 046

2008_costers 047.jpg

2008_costers 048.jpg

2008_costers 049.jpg

2008_costers 047

2008_costers 048

2008_costers 049

2008_costers 050.jpg

2008_costers 051.jpg

2008_costers 052.jpg

2008_costers 050

2008_costers 051

2008_costers 052

2008_costers 053.jpg

2008_costers 054.jpg

2008_costers 055.jpg

2008_costers 053

2008_costers 054

2008_costers 055

2008_costers 056.jpg

2008_costers 057.jpg

2008_costers 058.jpg

2008_costers 056

2008_costers 057

2008_costers 058

2008_costers 059.jpg

2008_costers 060.jpg

2008_costers 061.jpg

2008_costers 059

2008_costers 060

2008_costers 061

2008_costers 062.jpg

2008_costers 063.jpg

2008_costers 065.jpg

2008_costers 062

2008_costers 063

2008_costers 065

2008_costers 066.jpg

2008_costers 067.jpg

2008_costers 068.jpg

2008_costers 066

2008_costers 067

2008_costers 068

2008_costers 069.jpg

2008_costers 071.jpg

2008_costers 072.jpg

2008_costers 069

2008_costers 071

2008_costers 072

2008_costers 073.jpg



2008_costers 073

 Picture from Flickr taken by Yanda

Picture from Flickr taken by Viveca Koh

Pictures taken by Patrick Jones:

2008_costersjones 001.jpg

2008_costersjones 002.jpg

2008_costersjones 003.jpg

2008_costersjones 001

2008_costersjones 002

2008_costersjones 003

2008_costersjones 004.jpg

2008_costersjones 005.jpg

2008_costersjones 006.jpg

2008_costersjones 004

2008_costersjones 005

2008_costersjones 006

2008_costersjones 007.jpg

2008_costersjones 008.jpg

2008_costersjones 009.jpg

2008_costersjones 007

2008_costersjones 008

2008_costersjones 009

2008_costersjones 010.jpg

2008_costersjones 011.jpg

2008_costersjones 012.jpg

2008_costersjones 010

2008_costersjones 011

2008_costersjones 012

2008_costersjones 013.jpg

2008_costersjones 014.jpg

2008_costersjones 015.jpg

2008_costersjones 013

2008_costersjones 014

2008_costersjones 015

 Miliatry Odyssey Detling 2008

Steve and Chas went to the show and met a few other like minded peoples.

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