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Please note that the images in these galleries show 'The Victorian Strollers' as well as other people who are in no way associated with our group, at events where other people and groups also attend in Victorian attire. To identify which of these are members of our group please refer to our Group members page.

Victorian Festival of Christmas Portsmouth Historic Dockyard 2009

A great 3 day event for all the family. We event got to meet Hugh Dennis of Punt & Dennis fame! He asked Chloe if he could have his picture taken with her! Unfortuneatly we did not get that picture as Chloe had the camera concealed in her cloak!

Pictures taken by Chloe and Steve. Click on the images for a larger view:

 Rochester Christmas Dickens Festival 2009

Photos from Louise

Rochester 002.jpg

Rochester 003.jpg

Rochester 005.jpg

Rochester Ball.jpg

Rochester Hoi (1).jpg

Rochester Hoi (2).jpg

Rochester Hoi (8).jpg

Rochester Hoi.jpg


Hoi Polloi Ball Dickens World December 2009

What an event. What a setting! What more can I say? You will be seeing more of the Strollers at Dickens World!

Pictures taken by Chloe and Steve. Click on the images for a larger view:

2009_hoipoloi 001.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 002.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 003.jpg


The View of the Courtyard


2009_hoipoloi 004.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 005.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 007.jpg



Leaning on a lamp post

2009_hoipoloi 008.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 010.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 011.jpg

It was that big!


Haircut anyone?

2009_hoipoloi 012.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 013.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 015.jpg


Back from the Raj


2009_hoipoloi 017.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 018.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 019.jpg

Look out! Ned the Ratcatcher



2009_hoipoloi 020.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 021.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 022.jpg

Street scene

View from the bridge


2009_hoipoloi 023.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 024.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 025.jpg




2009_hoipoloi 027.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 028.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 029.jpg



Let out at last.

2009_hoipoloi 031.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 032.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 033.jpg

Guarding the keys.



2009_hoipoloi 036.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 037.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 040.jpg




2009_hoipoloi 041.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 042.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 043.jpg



Julia Burnet

2009_hoipoloi 044.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 047.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 048.jpg


A Proposal!

The Acceptance!

2009_hoipoloi 049.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 051.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 052.jpg




2009_hoipoloi 054.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 055.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 057.jpg


More Debters?


2009_hoipoloi 058.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 059.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 061.jpg




2009_hoipoloi 062.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 063.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 064.jpg

Hard working



2009_hoipoloi 065.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 066.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 067.jpg




2009_hoipoloi 068.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 069.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 070.jpg




2009_hoipoloi 071.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 072.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 073.jpg




2009_hoipoloi 074.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 077.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 078.jpg


A family photo


2009_hoipoloi 079.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 080.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 081.jpg


A Nice couple


2009_hoipoloi 082.jpg

2009_hoipoloi 083.jpg





Wisbech Christmas market December 2009

Wisbech Xmas Market01.jpg

Wisbech Xmas Market03.jpg

Wisbech Xmas Market04.jpg

Wiscbech Xmas Market02.jpg

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