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Please note that the images in these galleries show 'The Victorian Strollers' as well as other people who are in no way associated with our group, at events where other people and groups also attend in Victorian attire. To identify which of these are members of our group please refer to our Group members page.

  Llandrindod Victorian Festival 20-21st August 2005

The Leggett family represented the group on this first outing to Llandrindod Wells as a fact finding reconnaissance exercise. Next year more of us are likely to attend.







 Our newest members Jim and Maureen Samuels from Cambridge







 Singers in the Marquee

 The bandstand







 The Royal Party


 Distinguished Gentlemen






 Her Majesty

 Prince of Llandrindod winner

 Amy Johnson?








 Chloe enters the Children's competition





 Best Dressed man competition

 Steve wins

 All the fun of the fair!


Buffalo Bill

 The High Street







 Queen Vic visits the shops








 Impressive architecture!

 Scottish dancers


 Our Chloe!




 End of day 1

 The Masquerade Ball














 Us after de-masking time

 Ladies from Chatham

 Day 2 The Victorian Freak Show








 Little did they know








 Shoe shine anyone?






 Miss Llandrindod competition









 Chloe's new friend Sue






 More ladies from Chatham





Mr Llandrindod Competition

Steve and Edwin


Jim wins Mr Llandrindod



Steve's visit to the now closed Thin Red Line uniform museum










A fine officer of men!

Steve joins the Queen's escort!

Officers on parade




The box office

Balloon competition


The late entries





Our departure.


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