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Uniform of a

Leuitenant, Royal Engineers 1857 Full dress

This uniform is the typical Royal Engineer Officers Dress uniform of the period.

Three Royal Engineers Lieutenantís listed on the internet, that were of this rank and would have worn this uniform with the medals that I am wearing in these pictures:

Wilbraham Oates Lennox, VC, KCB. Regimental Ranks: 2nd Lieutenant, 27-6-1848; Lieutenant, 7-2-1854; 2nd Captain, 25-11-1857

War Service: Crimea, 1854-1856; Indian Mutiny, 1857-1859. Died in London, 7-2- 1897.

John Popham Maquay. Regimental Ranks: 2nd Lieutenant, 14-8-1854; Lieutenant, 14-8-1854; 2nd Captain, 28-11-1859;

War Service: Crimea, 1855-6; Indian Mutiny, 1857-9. Retired: 10-7-1883. Died at Ashfield, Monasterevan, Queen's County, Ireland on 19-12-1894

Peter Henry Scratchley, KCMG. Regimental Rank: 2nd Lieutenant, 11-4-1854; Lieutenant, 20-6-1854; 2nd Captain, 1-10-1859

War Service: Crimea, 1855-6; Indian Mutiny, 1857-8. Died off the coast of New Guinea on 1-12-1885

This uniform has been thoroughly researched, and is accurate in almost every detail.

The Jacket started out as a modern WO2 Royal Corps of Signals Bandmasters tunic. The Epaulettes were removed and reproduction RE shoulder boards were added. The buttons have been replaced with original Victorian RE buttons.

The Pouch and belt is all original, as is the sword belt. I am told that the sword belt had three gold lines up to just after the Crimea war, which is the version that I am wearing, and later had only two gold stripes which is the more commonly known version.

The busby is made from scratch.





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